WIP Update: I’m Drowning In WIPS!


On the back of my blanket post a month or so ago where I rambled about the blankets I was making, I thought I would update you with the other works in progress I have on the go.

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My Starter Crochet Tool Kit

Much to my joy and surprise, I’m seeing a few more people on my social media feeds picking up crochet or knitting for the first time and enquiring about tools, materials and all the notions one needs for these particular crafts.

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Whenever is it the right time to step out of one’s comfort zone?

If there’s one thing I know about crafting and in particular, crochet and knitting, it is easy to make the projects that are comfortable and enjoyable. For me, it’s blankets. I can make blanket after blanket and not get bored. I also find it a nice way of trying different stitches.

However, something will ultimately come along and push you out of that crafting comfort zone and I don’t know about you, but that fills me with dread. Apparently that’s natural and to be expected, but when that something comes from someone who is overly critical and can’t accept the way things are, I simply want to curl up into a ball and stay like that for all eternity.

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Looking at nature for colour inspiration.

I’m not an arty person by nature. I’m not someone who is naturally gifted when it comes to all aspects of design. When I want to start a new project I have to take a lot of time working them out, colour palettes especially, because I will always place the wrong shade of colours next to each other.

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Project book sleeve is a go!

It is always satisfying seeing a project come to fruition after a lot of trial and error.

Ever since I picked up a crochet hook, the one thing I always wanted to make is a book sleeve so I can travel around with one of my current reads in my bag and not worry about it getting damaged, because I really hate the prospect of pulling out a book to see a key scratch or a bent corner of the front cover etc. It drives me crazy! The only acceptable wear and tear on a book can come from me reading it repeatedly over the years, not because it was bashed around in my bag.

Anyway, my point was that every time I made a book sleeve, there was always a problem with it – the seams were messy, the measurements were way off, the cotton yarn I was using was too thin, I tried to be too clever in the design…etcetera, etcetera. It never worked out the way I wanted it. I thought I’d just resign to the fact it wasn’t going to be, I should just move onto the next project and forget about it.

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The Journey Begins


Welcome to the first official blog post for the Little Sparks of Magic, my new blog dedicated to all things crochet, knitting and any other crafts I may do along the way. 

I’m not completely sure how to structure it for the time being. Whether I write everything or start including videos about my projects, who knows, but it’s something I needed to do. 

Crochet and knitting help me to focus and bring little sparks of happiness into a world that doesn’t always like me. It gives me an outlet to create something wonderful and magical and I’ve discovered recently that I love making things for people. It’s warming, generous, comforting and really lovely to see that we can live in a full and caring world!

Now, let’s see if I can help take this world over one stitch at a time!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton